Privacy Policy

The individual privacy of all valid users is important and so the owner assures these people the protection they need when it check and gather the information they share. With this existing policy, it can help all users in determining on how this website serves online and on how it collects the necessary information. In order to avoid any kind of inconvenience, all valid users have the responsibility to read and understand the Privacy Policy before they can use the available service and gather information.

Checking and Gathering Data

It is important to check and gather the necessary data from all individuals who visit and use this web site. The checked and gathered data include names, home addresses, genders, emails, citizenships and employment. All users need to understand that the legitimate owner of this dependable site can collect and use the information coming from different people who need to submit them in voluntary. Despite not asking permission when checking and gathering the data or information, this process is legitimate and adheres to the Privacy Policy.

Checking and Gathering of Cookies

We checking and gathering the cookies or known as Internet beacons, the process is to help verify the incoming data or information from all visiting individuals. The information obtained from all users includes the Operating System (OS), IP address and active browser during visits. The owner needs to implement this kind of procedure to help determine if there are new visitors who view and utilize this dependable site.

As part of the responsibility when checking and gathering cookies, this online site adheres to the imposed cookie policies and that includes the current European Union cookie policy.

Information or Data Sharing

The owner can only share and/or provide information from legitimate partnered services, agreed third parties and possible government agencies with formal request. When deciding to share, the intention is to help stop bogus or unknown transaction from people who has unlawful purposes. It is also possible to share information to certain requesting parties under the terms of use.

This dependable reverse look up website can make a decision to change and/or delete any information within the personal decision of the owner. It does not need permission to execute the process nor asking for a permission.